How do I make a petition for a ban appeal for my friend who said somethings that he kind of regrets

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Monolith Newcomer
Oct 11, 2020
One of my friends Clayton smith on RP he got very mad at a cop who put him in jail for way longer than he should have been in jail for. Note that I know there is no set time for how long he can be put in jail for but he was just very frustrated because the cop was at this point antagonizing him. also note that I don't have any proof on what he said or what the cop was doing I am just basing this of the facts of what he told me. my friend who was under the influence of alcohol at the time of when he was playing, not only lost his ability to think before he said anything but also was very angry and just said what was on his mind.

The whole reason I made this post was to let the people of monolith decide if my friend should be unbanned or not and let the S.A.'s decide that this alone is enough to forgive my friend who wasn't given a proper sit to defend himself but was just instantly banned.


Monolith Specialist
Jun 13, 2018
If your friend would like to be unbanned he can make a post under ban appeal with the correct format.

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