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INFO How to become a Mentor

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Dec 1, 2016
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How to become Mentor!
As Monolith continues to expand, and our scope and player-count grows, we have become more determined to go above and beyond to provide to our server a capable team with candidates who are determined to promote a helpful and healthy environment for our ever-growing community! With this, we are seeking out players who understand our gamemode, and our rules, and want to do more with their knowledge, such as giving back to the community by teaching newcomers the core functions and rules of our community!

Before you decide to apply, it is important as the player to have a fair understanding of our rules and the functions of the gamemode. We are looking for candidates with a drive to help others, to want to see the community grow, and provide an experience unseen anywhere else!

What do we expect out of you, as a Mentor?

We are looking for knowledge of the gamemode, and a fairly clean history. Those seeking to become mentor should have no recent punishments for 1 month, this includes bans, warning points, verbal warnings, negative notes, forum bans, and Discord punishments. We are seeking role-models for the community, and role-models for the future of our community and newcomers. You will be setting the example as a Mentor, set the same example you'd expect from members of this position if you were in the shoes of a newcomer.

What comes with Mentor?

The ability to help and teach players. You will have no OOC cooldown, however this should only be used for teaching purposes and helping players with questions. You will have access to one command, !respond, which can be used in response to questions received. You will also have access to see whenever a new player joins the server. You can help these new players out by taking them on tours of the map, showing them specific areas, NPC locations, and things they should know, in general.

How do I become a Mentor?

If you believe that you have what it takes to be a mentor, feel free to apply by doing !mentorapplication while in-game. Before doing so, ensure that you meet all the requirements as you can only run the command once per two weeks.

  • Two weeks of minimum play-time.
  • No recent significant punishments for one month. If you have any punishments, they must be disclosed.
  • Active within all aspects of the community, Discord and Forum included.
  • Understanding of gamemode functions and rules, and ability to demonstrate to players if needed.
  • Minimum age of 14.
We will always remain grateful for your help and work as a mentor!
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