GUIDE How to Cook Meth 101

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Community Manager
Community Manager
Apr 1, 2021


Meth is the most risky, flexible, and profitable drug on Monolith, and it requires more than one person to do it efficiently.

Disclaimer: This is not an in-depth guide on how to cook meth with maximum efficiency; rather, it is a foundation from which you can explore to find the most efficient ways to cook meth.


1. 99 chemistry or Prestige level 1

Machines and ingredients:


How to obtain Aluminium Buckets

Aluminum ore can be mined, smelted, and then crafted into aluminum buckets at level 32 in all of those skills.​

A) Ore Locations:

Number of nodes

B) Mining and smelting

If you don't know how Mining and smelting works refer to this Mining Guide made by Horse​


C) Crafting the buckets

To craft buckets, you are going to need level 32 in the metalworking skill, a metalworking table, and the following ingredients:​
Item name
How do you get it?
Aluminium bars
Smelting aluminium ores
Plastic chunks
Hardware store (Monomaps)


T h e P r o c e s s


  • Meth can only be done inside industrial properties due to the furnace requiring a factory plug to operate. If you don't know any good properties, use Monomaps and look for buildings with this icon


1. Place the furnace down.​
2. Connect its plug to a factory power supply.​
3. Put in 3 hydrofluoric acid.​
4. Start the process.​
5. Adjust the burn rate of the furnace to keep the needle in the middle. Use the default interaction key "E" to adjust the burn rate of the furnace. ( Keep the needle in the green zone to maintain product quality, avoid letting the needle reach the blue or red zone, which can result in an explosion that can kill players nearby or reduce the product quality. )​
6. Wait until the process is finished. ( Look for "Move Liquid" on the screen to know when the content can be moved to the next machine. )​


1. Place a mixer.
2. Select the meth type you want to make (in this case, normal meth).
3. Start the process.
4. Deploy and insert 1 barrel of Methylamine (or 2 if making blue crystal) inside the machine.
5. Transfer the content of the furnace inside the mixer using "E."
6. Start the process and watch for errors. ( If there are errors, fix them to prevent degradation of product quality or equipment damage.)
7. Once the machine finishes the first run, place 1 aluminum (or 2 if making blue crystal) inside of it and continue the process.
8. When it finishes the second run, you will be prompted with a minigame requiring you to place a hose to vent the bad gasses.
9. Place the hose and trigger another wait time. After the wait time, the product will be ready for transfer to the next machine.


1. Place a filter next to the mixer.
2. Transfer the contents of the mixer into the filter.
3. Select "start" on the filter.
4. Wait for the filter to complete the process, but be prepared for errors, including a new one "Simon says".
5. Once the filter has finished, transfer the filtered content to the next machine.


NOTE: You've reached your meth equipment limit at this stage; therefore, someone else must deploy the remaining equipment for the operation to continue.

1. Place down a filler.
2. Transfer the contents of the filter inside it.


1. Place a freezer in a suitable location.
2. Place liquid oxygen inside the freezer.
3. Drop all of the trays onto the ground near the freezer.
4. Pick up each tray and place it on the filler machine, making sure to place them in the correct order.
5. Use the filler machine to fill each tray with the liquid.
6. Once all of the trays are filled, return them to the freezer and Start the process of freezing the trays.


1. Place a table and a crusher in a suitable location.
2. Drag the crusher to the table, where it should automatically attach to it.
3. Deploy a crate and drag it to the table.
4. Drag the frozen trays from the freezer to the table.
5. The process should start automatically once the frozen trays are on the table
6. Pick up the filled crates with "Alt + E" and head to the Drug Dealer NPC to sell it.


Meth profits can vary based on your product quality and how many people are doing it with you ( 2 or 3 players is usally the sweet spot per equipment set).
How do you get 100% quality? Don't fail the minigames.

In general for Normal meth you can expect better profits than cocaine per person.
For Blue Meth you can expect x2 the profits of normal meth per person.​


Making blue meth can earn you more money, but it takes longer and is riskier because of some difficult minigames that requires quick reaction time with severe consequences if failed. So, you need to be careful and attentive while making it. Practice on normal meth first.
Making meth alone is not efficient, and most of the time, it brings less profit than other drugs.
Minigames can be interacted with by pressing space.
Used equipment will need cleaning after each batch. "E"
Meth is a flexible drug, as I mentioned at the beginning of this guide, so experiment with different equipment setups to boost profits and efficiency.


Thanks to @something for helping with this guide and @Jet for MonoMaps

Hope this helps, and good luck with your cooking.
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MRP Senior Administrator
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Dec 25, 2022
And guide of the year for 2023 goes too....
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MRP Moderator
Aug 9, 2017
est 2017
I wanted to make this :(
really good guide tho o_O


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Jul 4, 2019
"1. 99 chemistry or Prestige level 1"

Wait.. Does this mean I don't have to level chemistry all the way up again?


Community Manager
Community Manager
Apr 1, 2021
Coming in the next patch update:
  • Regular meth profits have been increased.
  • Aluminium buckets will require 16 aluminium bars to make instead of 24 bars.
  • Some changes to the way meth quality works.
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