How To Get Your First Pistol

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May 24, 2019
Somewhere... still trying to figure it out
Let’s be honest... everyone’s first words when they joined monolith was “where do I get a gun?” Cuz that’s really what everyone wants in a video game. This can be cuz you either wanna go the criminal route or just have something to defend yourself with. Now the reason I have the name of this thread specifically say “pistol” is because I cannot stress enough to NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!! Don’t try to go buy an AR off of anyone for your first gun unless it’s given to you for free... ARs come later, don’t worry.

So, enough blabbering... how do you get your first pistol? Well I know what your thinking... well big idiot Johnathan Doyna there’s a gun store... yea well guess what, you gotta be a high enough level to buy a pistol and a pistol from there costs you all of your starting cash. And if you read the first part you see I said don’t waste all your money. This also includes don’t go have a pistol be the first thing you ever buy. Catch a ride to the supermarket and buy the following:

  • Pick Axe
  • Axe
  • Farming shovel trowel thing
  • Watering can

These are essential for success and money making.

Now, go out and ask someone for a ride to the mines and go get your mining level and player level up. This is super boring but it’s worth it, trust me. Now if you find a person like me (usually someone making guns) they will always be buying coal, iron, copper, silver, gold, and titanium. So sell them! Now not only have you made money (try to get around 12k before buying a pistol) but you have gotten your player level up. I specifically say get 12k cuz the first pistol I suggest getting is an M1911. It’s not the best but it’ll run for about 2k if you buy it off someone.

Now that you have a pistol, moving forward is your journey. You’ve made a character and each second your playing is another memory you will make. I cannot stress enough making good relationships with people is the best thing you can do in this game. These friends give you discounts on guns, give you money, help you out, do crime with you, etc. just have fun!

Contact me on discord if any questions: GamingWolv #1651


Senior Member
Aug 28, 2017
all and all good effort but you just taking the player to an endless loop

just start farming
farm for like 2 hours (levels included)
money included make like $20k i assume not about the money also the levels at this point if i would start fresh i'd just try to get my levels up before doing any interaction with illegal stuff once i am level 30-40 in farming thats when you start getting the big bucks, then you can afford a pistol or in that case just go straight to an SMG ?

NOW why farming, well you don't have to interact with anyone (imo interacting with those cocky rich kids not my type)

Don't buy a gun if you can't afford a kevlar
Don't buy a pistol if you're gonna raid with it