GUIDE How to rob a bank (detailed)

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Jamal Hisin

Monolith Grinder
Feb 24, 2019
This guide was made by experts to help new players learn easily what we had to learn the hard way. There is no 100% guaranteed way to rob bank flawlessly every time. A rule of thumb is to be aware that you could lose all of your items in a bank raid easily, and to be prepared if so. Another rule of thumb is to try and hold as much ground as possible so as not to let the police push in. Holding from the bottom floor of bank can be very difficult as there are not many peeks and it can get crowded.

This guide will be explaining what positions you should hold, what strategies you should put into motion, and what equipment you should bring. There are three main categories of bank raids: silent, loud, and hostage raids. Silent bank raids are when you have small group of people or just yourself and you raid the bank, only going for the file cabinets. The reasoning behind this is to be as sneaky as possible and not alert the police department. Loud bank raids are when a big group of players (below 8) and you aim to kill all or most of the responding police officers, then escape. A hostage bank raid is when you go in with a group 2-8 and take a hostage, using it as leverage to get the money and escape.

You can find most of the essential items you need to raid a bank at the Contraband Dealer. The Contraband Dealer is located in the alleyway between Penthouse and the fake building.

Lockpicks (2-3), a car, and a bag of your choice. Optional - a gun (may be needed for protection if things go south)

A primary (recommend a upper-tier weapon and attachments), meds (small and large med kits can be bought at the medical supplier at any hospital), ammo (bought at gun store), lockpicks (3-4 in total) drills (4 for maximum profit), a bag of your choice, and a car. optional - cpr kits with adrenaline (for reviving dead robbers who still have a pulse)

Lockpicks (2-3), a car, a bag of your choice, zipties to take a hostage, and two weapons (in total) to keep the hostage under FearRP at all times. Optional - You can bring drills if you want to do more of a high risk raid, you can bring a primary, meds, etc. It's up to you what direction you want to take your Hostage raid in.

Monoford Bank (Layer 1):

The lobby is the main entryway for civilians to enter and exit the bank. In a bank raid, this is one of the most vulnerable spots. Most of the time, cops will try entering through here first, so make sure you have enough robbers to defend the area and hold it from the police. There is a camera next to the doorway leading into The Tellers Stand. *picture*

*picture* The Tellers Stand is where people withdraw and deposit their items in their bank. However in a bank raid, this can be your best friend in defending the lobby. There is a window in between the wooden part of the stand and the glass panel above the tellers that you can shoot through. This is a good place to shoot the incoming police that enter the lobby as it protects most of your body from being shot.

The cubicles do not serve much of a purpose for civilians as they are not allowed in that area. It has a computer for Bank Security to check on taxes and the Mayor's rating. This is another good place to hold the lobby from as when you stand on the desks in the cubicles, its protects a lot of your body from being shot.
The cubicles can be used to shoot through the doorway from the lobby to the cubicles, through the glass, and also through the doorway from the stairs to the cubicles.

The Fire Escape is an entrance/exit. Police may use the Fire Escape to enter into the bank, so make sure you have someone watching the door. If the farthest door from the bank is lockpicked or battering rammed into, it will emit a alarm alerting all near the bank that it is being breached. This may be a viable exit for robbers, but beware of the alarm. There is a camera next to the doorway to the stairs. *picture*

This is another exit/entryway. On the outside, the only way to get in is by driving a car through the door or battering ramming into the garage. On the inside, to open the garage door there is a button located next to the door you can press E on, which will open the garage door. This is one of the hardest places to hold during a bank raid due to the length of the garage door giving cops the upper hand with more peeks then the robbers.

This is the room where Bank Security purchase their weapons and kevlar from. More importantly, it is also the room where the button to open the cell door is located.
The square calculator looking device is what opens the cell door. Press E on it and the door should open. There is also a button to press on the left which will turn on the fire escape alarm. You can use this to fake out the police (make them think you're exiting through fire escape), but besides that it is not of much use.

The Vault Door is the door that leads into the vault where you can start extracting the money. To open it from the outside of the vault, you will need one person to press the calculator like devices on the left and right at the same time. Although it doesn't have to be exact, it will have to be somewhat decently coordinated to open the vault door.

There are four Vault Rooms within the vault. Each room contains four filing cabinets and a safe. If the filing cabinets have a box saying cool down and a timer below, that means they are currently unavailable to extract money from. If there is no cool down box, then you are good to go to get the money. The safe will have the same cooldown box if it had been previously extracted from as well. There is also a camera in the farthest left corner of the vault.
To extract money from the filing cabinets, you will have to take a lockpick and left click on the cabinet (you must be in close proximity). You will have to do a lockpicking puzzle to extract the money (if you have never lockpicked before, I reccomend practicing on a locked car or door. After you lockpick it, a money stack will fall out. It will either be a small stack (worth 3,600) or a large stack (worth 8,600). To pick up these stacks, you will have to deploy a "bag" (will be explained later) and the press E on the stacks, essentially putting the stacks in your bag.
To extract money from a safe, you will have to deploy a "drill" and deploy it. After it's deployed, drag it into the safe. It will start making a drilling sound and have a marker for how close it is to done on the left of it. Once it reaches 100%, you can press E on it and a item will pop out that you can put into your bag with a worth from 1,000-88,000 dollars.

Pine County Bank (Layer 2)

The Lobby is a compact space for people to withdraw and deposit their items. There is a double door leading into it which can be opened and closed. You can hold the lobby from one of the doorways on the left or right and The Tellers Stand. There is also a camera on the right.

The Vault looks like one of the four rooms in the Monoford Bank. It has the four filing cabinets and one safe. If you are confused on how to extract money from them, look at The Vault section under the Monoford Bank area descriptions. There is also a camera looking at the vault.


During a silent raid, you need to be as undetected as possible to increase the likelihood of you succeeding in the raid. You should take an entryway that is as private as possible and move quickly. You should sprint as the cost of being heard is worth the speed you get. Remember, it's a time game. It might come down to seconds.

In a loud raid it's a numbers game. You have to make sure you make the most out of your shots. Weapon durability is something you have to worry about as when your gun falls below 50%, it will start jamming. This can get you killed easily. You also have to worry about how many Meds you have and not using them all in the first 10 minuets of the bank raid. Most important of all, you have to worry about not dying. Make sure you aren't peeking to aggressive or making dumb plays and it'll come down to aim.

A hostage raid is one of the most complex raids you can do. One misstep and the police can blow you to smithereens. Make sure you always have a gun to the hostages head to ensure FearRP, which will make the hostage have to do what the captor says. Let me emphasize this: if the hostage is not in Zipties, the cops can kill you without warning. Use the hostage to gain as much time as you can, then escape at the most precise moment. Maybe all the cops are coming to the front to breach, then go out the back. Use your instincts. With experience, you will get better and better.

Well, that's it! If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to comment them. I will try to respond as actively as possible. Good luck!
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Bobby Kurosaki

Monolith Veteran
Aug 6, 2018
You forgot the straight rush and don't stop moving method
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Monolith Grinder
Jun 3, 2019
You also forgot that 90% of cops dont care if the hostage lives or dies, as long as they get to shoot their gun, they are happy, and PD will use ANY excuse to rush you if you have a hostage, even if you talk funny they will rush, so play it smart
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Monolith Rookie
May 23, 2020
Wait, what about the key you need now to open the vault? Where do you get that or how?