[HTSFZ] How To Start From Zero Guide

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Aug 28, 2017
This is a guide on how i think a new player should start with a step by step over here and this is how i would start if i saw this guide today to be honest

Step 1 : spawn in, make your character.
Step 2 : Explore the city, Get to know places, Understand the mechanics of the map
Step 3 (money making begginers) : Now if you wanna go for money straight away you can get some levels by mining in the mining ravine / or Cutting a tree in the forest, Get to level 5-10 [Shouldn't take long than 10 minutes] and be a UPS driver $400-$1000 per SHIPMENT that's a good way to start, OR you can start by farming, Goto the Grocery store buy tomatoes, Farming hoe, and Watering can, Find a peacefull spot in the map, Place your plots by clicking left click with the hoe
[MUST BE ON GRASS / IF IT'S RED SQUARE THAT MEANS YOU CAN'T PLACE A PLOT MUST BE GREEN] Press E on the plot, Open the bar and click tomatoes,Wait for about 10 minutes and then you should be able to harvest the plot, After harvesting you get exp by leveling up, You can get more seeds to plant, For example level 3 - potatoes after doing 2 rounds of tomatoes you can start doing Potatoes , And So On

Step 4 [IF YOU DECIDED TO GO FOR CRAFTING AND SMELTING FIRST SKIP STEP 3] : Goto the grocery store, Buy Yourself a Wooden Axe and Pickaxe, From the vendor on the right side, Goto the mining Ravine and start mining stone, After some time you'll level up and be able to mine copper [MAKE SURE TO SAVE YOUR COPPER / IRON / COAL CAUSE YOU'LL NEED IT]
A GUIDE BY AC2 ON MINING CREDIT TO HIM : https://monolithservers.com/forums/threads/official-mining-guide.3021/

after you reach level 24 in mining you can move on to the forest, Start Cutting down trees from level 1 to 14 you have only 1 tree who gives 25 EXP per hit [HITS AREN'T ALWAYS REGISTERD] Then get to level 15 so you can start making "WOODEN PLANKS"
A GUIDE ON WOODCUTTING BY AC2 CREDIT TO HIM : https://monolithservers.com/forums/threads/official-woodcutting-guide.2937/
Step 5 : Start Melting your ores and level up in "MetalWorking", Start Crafting Furnitures with Wooden Planks so you can level up your "Crafting" because guns doesn't give that much of exp compare to furnitures, Level 5 in crafting is where you can start making your first gun "MAKAROV PM" This pistol is not really recommanded M1911 is better, Make the Makarov so you have some protection against muggers and raiders, Keep Making furnitures 'till you're high level [Like 30]

Step 6 (money making intermidate) : Congrats you can know make guns, Use /AD <message>, You need to sell guns so advertise you're selling guns people will imsg you and say what they'll want take their order and money first and go make their weapons
CHECK GUN PRICES OVER HERE BY CHOSENDEMON CREDIT TO HIM : https://monolithservers.com/forums/threads/standardized-gun-prices.3504/

After making some guns you can try yourself in the DRUGS INDUSTRY [i am gonna focus on weed cause i don't think it's this stage people will be level 65 to make LSD]
Goto the dealer and buy 5 pots / 5 soil / and as much seeds and you want, Rent a place, Buy house alarm from the vendors in the grocery store, And craft yourself a gun or buy one, Place the pots by clicking them in the inventory and hit deploy on all 5 of them, Press E and hit "ADD SOIL", After there's Soil on all of them Press E and hit "PLANT SEED"
make sure to have water can cause you gotta water them consistently

STEP 7 : AFTER YOU'RE NOW A BIG BOY, You have money,Guns, Car, Everything you need, You can start making your own organization or join one


THIS IS AN UPDATED THREAD which means everytime i'll add more stuff

My name ingame : [EDIT] Changed my name to Shekel Stein, For any help imsg me and i'll try to help the best i can
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