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I'm here because I never left!


Monolith Grinder
Jul 15, 2017
Florida, United States of America
So, for anyone who remembers me, I'm back!

For anyone who doesn't know me, hi!

For the last several months (Feels like forever) I've gone without a computer, but after finally getting a computer I hopped right back on Monolith. It seems not even time can mend my burning addiction and love for this community. I've been on the server occasionally so far and it definitely is a lot different.

For those of you who don't know me, I'm Aaron (Aaron Vanfudley in-game) and I used to be the US Server Director. I had to suddenly resign when my life became too hectic and busy to maintain my position. Unfortunately there was no LOA that could take this long that wouldn't be detrimental to server operations as an SD. I'm happy to see some old faces, and new here and look forward to further exploring the current state of the community and of the server. I'm hearing some great things about the map in progress, which is exciting, and seeing insane progress on the current build of the server since my last visit.

If you see me on, feel free to introduce yourself or ask for help as I'm also currently a Mentor :)
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