It’s cher bois unmute appeal

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Conor McGreggor

Monolith Rookie
Dec 10, 2017
Your full Discord Name: Connor McGreggor

Which Staff muted you: I don’t know
What were you muted for: Using a soundboard

Unmute Reason: I don’t believe I should have been muted in the first place, me and my friends were down in a private organisation channel, And I was using a soundboard to play music and other sounds (to which everyone in the chat agreed to), and then a member of staff who I cannot remember due to the incident happening some time ago, joined the call and muted me

Time of Occurrence: Around 1 Month Ago
Additional members involved/witnessing: N/A

gm1003 ツ

MRP Senior Administrator
MRP Senior Administrator
Forum Moderator
Marketing Team
Police Training
Jul 7, 2018
Houston, TX
I was in the channel, after telling you numerous times to stop micspamming moaning sounds I decided to mute you

How will I know this won't happen again?


Community Manager
Community Manager
Forum Moderator
Report Management
MRP Recruitment Team
Dec 3, 2016
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