i've been banned by automatic my pc litterly stopped working let me explain.

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Master Oogway

Monolith Newcomer
Nov 11, 2021
Steam Name: Master oogway
Your SteamID32 STEAM_0:0:462064251
Your Character Name: jean bienetre

Ban Length: 24 hours
Banning Staff Member automatic ban.

Ban Reason: leaving while dead.
Unban Reason: I've been playing this server for 2 days straight never left when i was dead exept today. Let me explain why , my computer burned like my stick of ram burned took me 3 hours to figure out why it wasnt working. when i died my computer froze and got a blue screen with a :( and it was saying memory managment. so heres why i left technecly i din't it was my ram that fucked :(. that was arleady a really bad news but when i tried loading in the server i was pretty disapointed. with all that said i hope you understand why this happend. i feel like being a cop right now :(. have a good night.


Community Director
Community Director
Dec 3, 2016
Denied, you cannot appeal automatic bans without valid evidence.
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