Jake Anderson/WirRload warrning point appeal.

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Monolith Rookie
Aug 4, 2018
Your Steam Name: liortota
Your SteamID: 76561198080218510
Your Character Name: Jake Anderson

Which Staff issued the Warning Point: @misterlol29

Reason for the warning point(s): Cop Baiting.
Why should the point(s) be removed:
The Story: Took my lockpick and my AR - 15 on me walking towards L2 bank targeting to lockpick the vault and get few stacks of money. went to the vault attempted to lockpick figured out not enough cops. went outside with the gun on my back and before entering my vehicle a guy takes out his AK-47 and tells me why I got a gun on the back. I drive away return after 2 minutes and kill him. the guy I killed "Bob Ross" places a report. Misterlol29 accepting the report and brings us into a sit. at the end of the sit, Misterlol finds me innocent and decides to not accuse me in RDM as Bob ross did. then he asks me a question "why did you have a gun on your back" so I started to explain my reasons first I said I got a gun license so I bought the AR - 15 and I got a base. when I tried to explain my reason 2 about the bank trespass and lockpick, he didn't let me talk immediately gives me a warning point of cop baiting, returning me I sent him about 8 pm's and a report (I wrote in the report I feel like I didn't finish to speak in the report please lets talk about my warning point) he ignored my report, he PMed me "sit is over I don't need to explain my actions" and something like don't send more pm's I sent 1 more pm was like "why you treat me like this" and I got kicked from the server for PMing him.

few stuff I want to add:
1. I feel like I got wrongfully treated by Misterlol29, I got really pissed after the sit spoke with few admins about it also to get their's opnion.
2. I felt a little bit targeted by Misterlol29 cause today morning I asked him to fix my car cause I had a huge drop FPS. and I PMed him a few and he got mad at me.
3. The server had only 28 players on and 2/3 admins can't remember every report got accepted quickly so I don't think it was like under a mass or something, I don't see a reason to return someone in middle of his sentence and treat him that way.

Time of Occurrence: 23/09/2021
Additional members involved/witnessing: N/A.
Read, understood and followed warning point appeal rules?: I understand!


MRP Senior Administrator
MRP Senior Administrator
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Police Command
Oct 17, 2019
Hello @WirRload

After discussing with @misterlol29 regarding this warning point, I have came to the decision that this warning point is valid. I understand that you may not agree with that and i understand the frustration. you mentioned that you left the bank after trying to raid it but there was not enough cops on at the time so you left the bank and drove off while still having the AR-15 equipped on your back which yes this is illegal as the law in game only legalises the gun on privately owned property owned by you or your friends. This is the reason why you received the warning point as this is a cop bait offence. I do strongly recommend not spamming staff members Pms in game regarding the report it would be better to come straight here to make an appeal as this is what it is here for.

I hope you understand the outcome of this appeal

Kind Regards,


Appeal Denied
Locked & Moved
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