Johnny Drip Appeal

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Joe Nafso

Jan 1, 2019
Your Steam Name: King_Nafso
Your Steam ID :STEAM_0:0:449643102
Your Character Name: Johnny Drip

Ban Length: 2 weeks
Banning Staff Member: @PMX
Ban Reason: LTARP
Evidence: I was a corrections officer and apparently there was a "raid" (there really was no raid) so many cops and swats came to the outside of prison. So i tried to open the gate for them but i didn't know how to i kept clicking E on the gate but it was not working. That bothered the officers i guess so when they got in they all pointed guns at me and they were all yelling commands at me. One cop was saying "PUT YOUR HANDS UP" and another one said to "GET OUT OF HERE THIS IS FOR SWAT AND OFFICERS ONLY" and just everyone was giving me different things to do. I simply just ran away and try to not get involved because the swat told me to get out of there. After that i got gunned downed and I did-int really care. In IRL I was supposed to go somewhere and someone was gonna pick me up. But the guy picking me up came to my house way too early and i was not even ready yet so i had to hurry. I had to turn off my pc because my pc is getting old and i can not leave it on the rest of the day while im gone because thats just a waste of electricity and its harming my pc. Im getting a new pc soon so this wont happen again. Im really sorry for this and next time ill make sure to put a setting on my pc to turn off at a certain time so i dont commit LTARP again. Im aware of the mistake i made and wont do it again, thank you.

I have read the rules for ban appeals


Community Manager
Community Manager
Forum Moderator
Report Management
MRP Recruitment Team
Dec 3, 2016
I understand, but if you need to leave you must let a staff member in game know. Additionally, if that was the case, you should have complied with police orders and then made a report regarding the situation if there was a rulebreak there.

If you needed to go, you shouldn't have engaged in any RP situations at the last minute, to avoid this scenario.

Since you have multiple rulebreaks on the record I extended the ban, as it is not acceptable.

I hope you understand this and read the rules like you said you did.

Appeal Denied.
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