GUIDE Krust's Updated Cocaine Guide (2021)

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Monolith Newcomer
Aug 31, 2020
Cocaine Steps, Equipment and Requirements Requirements Level 52 Chemistry

Reusable Equipment 1x Electric Stove 1x Dirty Cooking Pot

One Time Use Equipment 1 stack of coca leaves per batch 1 packing box per batch 1 kerosene per batch 1 drafting bucket per batch 1 sulfuric acid per batch 1 jerry can per batch

Earnings 1 batch earns about ~ $6,500 (10 Coke) each individual coke is around $650 you get around 8-16 as a really low level chemist. However, the higher chemistry level you can start to get bricks which come in 4's and sell for 12 grand for 4, boosting your profits by a lot. The higher your chemistry level the more earned, you can start to get 11 min, 16 avg, and 30 max. When you start to get to late 80's and 90's in your chemistry level.

Steps Step 1. Acquire Kerosene and coca leaves, you can get the kerosene by getting siphon pumps and raiding power plant, you then must siphon the tanks of kerosene, which have a small chance of producing Cold Kiss (the chemical for gas grenades). You then go to the drug dealer to get coca seeds then get around 5-10 stacks of coca leaves depending on how much coke you want to make.

Step 2. Place down the electric stove and dirty cooking pot.

Step 3. Place down your packing box and fill it with leaves.

Step 4. Take out your kerosene and tap the packing box with the kerosene when it hit's 16 leaves in the box.

Step 5. Wait until it says ready to use and shake it up and down slowly with your hands, not your physgun.

Step 6. Put the kerosene inside of the drafting bucket when the kerosene is ready to use, then wait until the drafting bucket is ready and use your physgun this time and walk, do not run, but walk in a circle.

Step 7. Place the sulfuric acid down and wait for the the drafting bucket to be ready, then tap the sulfuric acid with the drafting bucket.

Step 8A. While waiting for the sulfuric acid, place a jerry next to the pot

Step 8B. When the sulfuric acid is done be slightly far from the pot but just enough to where you can see the temperature, then drop it in the pot, when it hits 72-78 degrees, drop the jerry can on it by moving it to the pot.

Step 9 (Optional). While the coke is cooking make another batch while it is cooking, by starting off with the packing boxes (speeds up time of making coke)
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Monolith Addict
Mar 23, 2020
Southside: Making DSL
Sir this is 90% physgun abusing