Lock-picking Guide

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Sep 18, 2017
United Kingdom
Welcome to the world of lock-picking

Whether you intend to steal your dream car, invite yourself to your neighbours house or even steal that tricycle! The world is your oyster when it comes to lock-picking, and here's how

How do I obtain a lock-pick?

There are a few ways as listed;
  • Buy the lock-pick from another player, this is uncommon to see as there is a NPC which already sells lock-pick​
  • Go to the NPC located behind the car-dealership as shown below and buy yourself a lock-pick;​

  • Craft the lock-pick yourself using two copper & one iron bar with 21 crafting (and a crafting bench)​

Now that I have a lock-pick, how do I do it?

Let's first look at what a successful pillock looks like, take note of the mouse position.

And now, here is a unsuccessful lock-pick attempt (notice the mouse cursor moving around to try to find the sweet spot)

So how do I lock-pick?! What determines if it is successful or not?

Each item (i.e. Car or door to a property) has a different difficulty value located at the bottom centre of the screen. This indicates how hard the lock is to open. The image below shows a example of a lock which is deemed "easy" notice how out of all the possibilities around the screen, there is only one "sweet spot".

Of course, with harder locks that sweet spot becomes smaller to find (therefore making it harder)

So what's the best way to lock-pick?

Tackle lock-picking methodologically, starting at the top (or bottom, your choice) and try to cover as much of the screen as possible with your mouse cursor in a smooth snake like transition. It is important to cover as much of the screen as possible before your pick breaks, as shown in the "unsuccessful lock-pick" I did not cover all of the screen, and instead went over the same areas. Be sure to look out for signs of movement.

What other great tips do you have Pink?

Don't get caught, that's a great one.


(A special thanks to @Lola Meid for allowing me to get the GIF's up on the roof of a building, unfortunately it is not acceptable to lock-pick your own car in broad-daylight)


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MRP Administrator
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Dec 11, 2018
This guide is awesome. I never understood how to do it before and you made me understand how to do it like a pro.