Lost my mining furnace

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Monolith Newcomer
Aug 4, 2022
The server just restarted, and 5 mins before it said i couldnt transfer funds. so i couldnt take out the stuff inside it to my inv nor pickup my furnace. it was 10 iron bars, 40 iron ores and 1.5 stack of coal. i have a ss of the furnace n the text if needed

Shimax ツ

MRP Senior Administrator
MRP Senior Administrator
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Event Team
Good Afternoon, @Dorizzo

Please see below rule 4 of the Refund Request Rules and Guidelines,

4. You must provide valid evidence of your items. Statements from others is not valid evidence. This means you must get into the habit of taking screenshots of your inventory, purchases, etc. We do not keep logs for people to use as evidence for a refund request.

As you have not provided any evidence, we cannot process this refund request.

In addition, should you decide to open a new refund request adhering to these rules and guidelines, please ensure that you follow the format. The format can be found here.

This refund request has been:

Should you feel an error was made here, feel free to contact me over discord or the forums to discuss your options.

Best Regards,
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