Lying, RDM

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Mar 11, 2019
Your Steam Name: Dakinehernandez
Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:17928709
Your Character Name: Dakine Hernandez

Ban Length: 6 days
Banning Staff Member (@AdminName to mention the staff member): Friskiemar

Ban Reason: Lying in a sit, RDM
Unban Reason: Just want to say that i did not lie in a sit and that in my mind i was within my right to do what i did as ive had many people either half involved or not involved at all shoot and kill me when i am in a shootout or scenario with someone completely different and have been told it was valid when reported. In this scenario me and a friend drove around the map and didnt see anything going on and on our way to market/premium box we heard an explosion and when we arrived people started shooting, i got out of the car and saw a guy with a pistol aiming at us and a cop with his hands up at the time i thought the guy was on a rampage blowing up taxis and threatening and using cops as meat shields. The guy and the cop died but i dont shoot at the cop just the guy aiming at me but the car does blow up and kill the cop in the crossfire i presume. We leave the scene not harming anyone else or causing any more ruckus and a couple minutes later we get dragged to a sit with everyone involved. Everyone tells their part of the story and we tell ours exactly how it happened to us in our eyes and friskie says the situation is valid and moves everyone back. We then get teleported to friskie a couple minutes later again and he starts to tell us "i know your lying, I know there was 3 of you" to which i obviously deny because there was just 2 of us and I legitimately did not lie and its very difficult to persuade or dissuade somebody who "knows" something no matter how much you really know the truth. Then he bans us both for 6 days without any discussion or evidence of the contrary we might have. This will be my first ban to date as i have always adamantly followed server protocol best I can to what information is available. If i did RDM it was 100% unintentional as again i thought i was in accordance to the rules of the server and of course would have returned anything lost by any victim as well as apologized even if the final result was a ban but i was not granted any chance of giving reparation or receiving information that might make mine and/or other players game experience more conducive and not result in future bans. Here's some video from my point of view you can see theres only the 2 of us and that on our way to market we ran into a situation when we go to see what was exploding and our greeted by gunfire, Which is exactly what was relayed to Friskie. 6 days is a little harsh for my first ban? especially since there was really zero malicious intent and nothing but respectfulness in both sits. If i could get an Administrator or higher to overview this and make a verdict that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
Time of Occurrence: 4/12/2019 3 am pst
Additional members involved/witnessing: Robero phillups, Ian Johnson
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MRP Moderator
MRP Moderator
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Nov 28, 2018
@friskiemar, When tagging someone @dakinehernandez, type out their name and then you will have a little drop down menu drop down from their name, click on their name and that's how you tag someone on the forums. Same as discord.
I saw the post. This was related to a staff report so I refrained from making a decision until that is resolved.

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MRP Server Director
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Aug 11, 2017
Miami Lakes, FL
This was in fact RDM, and handled in the staff report against friskiemar as well.

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