Marino Law Firm

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Nov 16, 2018
The Marino Law Firm accepts cases for any crime, over a 3 year sentence. This can include any crime you are arrested for even if a guilty plead or admission of guilt is given on scene, in attempt to lower charges.
The Marino Law Firm acts on a pricing policy of;
Successful lowering of sentence - $250
Successful dismissal of charges (one or multiple, but not all) - $350
Successful dismissal of ALL charges (without comp) - $500
Successful dismissal of ALL charges with compensation for false imprisonment - 1/2 the settlement price
Unsuccessful case - $100
Civil rights, discrimination, or other special case - Pro Bono
Defense of a lawsuit (Civilian) - $500
Defense of a lawsuit (Public Employee) - $750
Defense of a lawsuit (on behalf of the PD) - $1000
Sonny Marino can be contacted through text or pm in game, or messaged on steam (
He will then appoint you a lawyer or come himself.
You have your rights, use them. Say nothing, contact your lawyer, Sonny Marino.
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