Mayor and SS start large shootout with police

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Jimmy Jimson

Active Member
Nov 15, 2018
Your Steam Name: jColborn
Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:445364752
Your Character Name: Jimmy Jimson

Target Steam Name: WarHasNoRules, NightThriller |-NCBA-|, SomeDude
Target SteamID: STEAM_0:1:37083246, STEAM_0:0:131207902, STEAM_0:0:210061245
Target Character Name (if known): Shane Patrick, Jackson Lox, Dominic Brooklier

Request reason: Corruption, (SS started a shootout with the police, ordered by the mayor)
When did the situation occur?: 1/9/2019, 3:45AM, no staff online
Your evidence to support your claim:
Additional members involved/witnessing: mayor said he was recording, but he refused to tell me his forums name


New Member
Oct 1, 2017
Just some context, I was the mayor Shane Patrick. This whole situation was the result of the police threatening me on gov chat and saying that they were going to arrest me for "obstruction of justice" because I couldn't give them more money for their budget. So the secret service agents that were defending me were actually trying to prevent the police from arresting me because the city wasn't bringing in money even notice I was taxing pretty high. I was doing everything in my power to avoid this from happening but once it hit the fan I went with it... honestly it angered me that there were a few kiddie cops who led this assault on me when I was actually trying to please them and give them money. I did not intentionally be corrupt and therefore I wasn't FailRPing but I accept that the situation became a little ridiculous after the fact.

Salvatore Tortellini

Active Member
Aug 30, 2017
United States of America
I was a detective at the time of this matter. Normally i dont really comment on player reports or even make them, but this time warhasnorules was in the wrong. He had budget, there was even more than enough time for money to cycle in through taxes yet he still refused. He even gave us something like $40 budget trying to mock us. We told him he was being corrupt and he became toxic and had this huge ego saying we could never stop him. He thought he was a big shot because he was mayor, had his little squad of as, and took advantage of the fact that there were no admins on. Bottom line is we eventually killed him and his ego and then he dced in an rp situation which he got auto banned for.


Community Manager
Community Manager
Forum Moderator
Report Management
Dec 10, 2016
The mayor has been banned for four days for unauthorized corruption, both SS have been banned for two days for unauthorized corruption and RDM.

Thanks for the report.
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