MRP Mayor Overhaul [Pt.1] — The Election System

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Monolith Grinder
Sep 24, 2019
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MRP Moderator
MRP Moderator
Marketing Team
Media Creator
Event Team
Oct 4, 2019
Baltimore, Maryland
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Monolith Pleb
Oct 10, 2017
Holy shit your suggestions are really great hopefully the CM listen to this.
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Bud E. Pudley III

Monolith Newcomer
Apr 28, 2019
Vancouver, British Columbia
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Monolith Rookie
Apr 22, 2019

Oh hello, there. Just another suggestion thread this week. Don't mind me.

Introducing an overhaul to the mayor election process. I took the liberty of designing some concept UI because at this point I am fully reinvested in Monolith and even though I have so many better things to do, this s h i t has been in the back in my brain for the past two years and it needs to come out. So, without further ado, here's what I got.

Once you speak to the Election Registrant NPC, you're greeted with a somewhat of decent UI layout consistent with what's been being pumped out as of recent. Here you are able to select your pollical party, yes, you can now align yourself with the two party system of the United States or, if you're a high enough mayor level (or maybe even Premium if we wanna off-set the cost of dev salary it'll take to code this in), you can choose Independent (also yes, I spelled it wrong in the image, go f*ck yourself).

Once you select your political party, you'll be able to choose the policies you wish to promote during the election period. Keep in mind, you do not need to uphold these policies once in office. Like any good, sly politician, you can appeal to the masses by simply by displaying policies you think may best get you elected. From here you may confirm and pay the registration free (damn I should've put the $500 next to the Confirm button).

From here, you'll be able to vote for your candidate. I left out the number of votes each candidate is receiving during the election period as I find that most players will just run into the city hall and vote for the person they see that already has the most votes without even knowing what kind of plan they have for office.

So, I didn't give much explanation to the policies, but I decided I will save that for my next suggestion which works heavily in tangent with an existing suggestion of mine that you can view here:

Stay tuned the Mayor Overhaul Pt. 2 thread which will go indepth with policies such as social welfare, health care budgeting changes, new toggable regulations and city perks.
this is amazing i would looove to see this +support
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