GUIDE Mining Guide!

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Monolith Grinder
Mar 31, 2020
How to prepare for mining
Get a pickaxe from the hardware store on layer 1, you are also going to want to purchase a flashlight if you can it is very dark in the mines.(Around 1000$ total)
Ores spawn in several different locations but the majority of them are in the mines located on layer 2.

Note: if you are a brand new player and have no transportation I recommend getting your pickaxe then running to the dragonfly river, or the park, there are several stone and a couple coal sources, here is a map with rough locations to help:

Use this to find your way around the mines
Maps to the great Millennium mine
Stone - Level 1
Copper - Level 6
Coal - Level 15
Iron - Level 15
Silver - Level 48
Gold - Level 62
Titanium - Level 73

How to Start Mining
When you arrive at the mine, equip your pickaxe and start hitting stone.
After getting higher levels you can start mining other resources, the first left in the mine will be where the majority of lower level stuff spawns.

How to Make Money From Mining(Lower Level)
There are two ways to sell your chunks:

Sell them to the hardware store where you bought your pickaxe.
(Note: This is not the recommended way but only the last resort, this will make you very little money.)

You can also sell them to players by either creating an advert, or selling them on the monomarket by going to the bank, this is going to make you the most money starting off. If you are going with monomarket set the price to the default price listed if you don't know the current market price.

If you've already sold all of you're chunks you can also have people create orders, gun makers/smelters will keep you busy.

How to Make Money From Mining(Higher level)

If you plan on continuing to mine, it can make you great profit, there are two routes to making good money off mining:

You can work on your metalworking skill by turning your chunks into ores with crushers, then smelting them with a furnace setup, this will make you decent money.

You can get to level 73 and start mining titanium, then get 1-4 crushers depending on how much money you have and how fast you want to crush. You want to mine titanium and crush it into ore then sell it to the hardware store, this will make you around 2,600$ per stack of ore.
(Note: Do not turn your titanium ore into smelted bars, this will waste your time if you are not using those bars to craft anything)

I hope this is enough to get everyone started off or even max level in mining, I plan to create a map of the mines when the flashlight bug gets resolved.
If you have any suggestions on what I can add/make better I would love to know, thanks for taking the time to read my guide!

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