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Community Director
Community Director
Dec 3, 2016

Hey everyone,

It's been a while since we've made one of these newsletters and we hope everyone is doing well!

Did you notice any changes on the forums? As you know, October is the month of Halloween and we want to celebrate it alongside you, here at Monolith! Therefore, our team has prepared certain surprises for you all, which you will get to know in this newsletter and throughout the rest of the month.

Premium Sale

As it is a tradition here at Monolith, there is going to be a PREMIUM SALE, starting today, which will last until the 1st of November! If you use the code SPOOKFEST22 at the checkout page, on our store, you will have a 30% discount on your first month of Premium Membership.

Exclusive Items

During the next few weeks, you will be able to get exclusive halloween items in game! In order to do that, you must keep a close eye on our twitter, steam group and discord server.
These items can also be gained by participating in our events.


We've prepared an amazing set of halloween themed events, just for you! They are going to take place throughout the rest of the month, so be sure to stay tunned and mark all of the dates on your calendar! :cool:
All of our event dates are listed below in this year's Spookfest poster.

(Credits to @Marwan)​

What's to Come...

These past few months have been difficult and challenging for us, as you are aware, but we are commited to make Monolith a successful community again. We also appreciate and thank all of those who have never stopped having faith in us and have always backed us up, since the beginning - both players and staff members. I want to personally tell you how much it means to us and I hope we can keep counting on you!

Our development team has been actively working on Monolith's next major update (Update 2.1), an update you've all been waiting for, for months now, and I'm really glad to say that we're almost there! I can't wait for you all to try it when it is out.

But, for now you will be able to enjoy our Halloween Spookfest event and everything it has to offer. It will be deployed to the server on the 14th of October.

Here's another sneak peek of what's to come on this Spookfest! (Credits to @Marwan for the amazing gif)

Top Secret!

Happy Halloween!

Kind Regards,
The Community Management