GOV MPD Chief Whitelist Results

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MRP Administrator
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Nov 3, 2019


Monoford Police Department

Chief Results

Hey all, I just want to thank everyone who attended Monday's Chief whitelist training, I appreciate everyone's cooperation and dedication throughout those interviews. Those who weren't picked, doesn't mean you can give up, keep trying your hardest and you will get what you worked for!

You will be the new role models of the Monoford Police Department and you will be expected to remain professional, fair, honest, unbiased etc at all times, you are at the top of the ranks now you will be expected to lead and keep the police department in line at all times, you are responsible for all of your officers.​

Here's our new chief's:

James Hawke - @hawke | 76561197999982690
Jimmy Falcone - @Kakashi Hatake | 76561198166547882
Jordan Vercetti - @Jordan Vercetti | 76561198307598779
Izzy Ramirez - @James Harden | 76561198222970964
Ethan Jeffereson - @Console | 76561198144208410

Any punishments you receive while on police & or police chief can result in immediate whitelist removal.

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