EVENT [MRP EVENTS]: Winterford - The Purge

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MRP Senior Administrator
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May 28, 2019
Purge Announcement:
This is not a test. This is your emergency broadcast system announcing the commencement of the Annual Purge sanctioned by the Monolith Government. Weapons of class 4 and lower have been authorized for use during the Purge. All other weapons are restricted. Government officials of ranking 10 have been granted immunity from the Purge and shall not be harmed. Commencing at the siren, any and all crime, including murder, will be legal for 1 continuous hour. Police, fire, and emergency medical services will be unavailable until 4PM EST, when The Purge concludes.

When is it?
The purge will take place on Saturday, January 18th at 4PM EST(Chronus Countdown) and will conclude promptly at 5PM EST.

The Rules:
  • You cannot use a job to retrieve weapons, items, or anything else that would allow you to kill or harm players. You must use what is at your independent disposal.
  • There will be a safe zone at Town Hall for players who die or do not wish to participate. Players who are actively still participating cannot enter this area and cannot interact with this area once the event begins. You will be stripped of your weapons and taken out of the event if you do otherwise.
  • Rules such as RDM, VDM, FearRP, and FTVL will not apply while this event is active. In addition to that, reports will not be handled during the event unless they are truly important. This will be expanded upon when the event starts.
  • No timers will be in effect (deposit, raid timer, etc).
  • We ask that you do not complain about your items being taken or destroyed by others while this event is active. You will have plenty of time to pickup any items and deposit them to your bank.
  • You cannot go out of the safe zone(s) to participate in the event then run back in.
  • ... more rules may and will be added before the event starts in game. This is just a base rule-set.
From everybody here at the event team, we hope to see you out there for The Purge next Saturday! Blessed be our New Founding Fathers and Monolith, a nation reborn. May God be with you all.