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SUGGESTION Mugging Mechanic Suggestion

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MRP Moderator
MRP Moderator
Nov 28, 2018
Description of suggestion: Only dropping 2 illegal items on death if you were ziptied (certain amount of time) or are ziptied.
Reason why it should be added: I was thinking about muggings and such happening. And when people are ziptied the muggers can view your entire inventory. Then I thought about how it can be abused sometimes (killing somebody so they drop their whole inventory instead of max 2 items/stacks). A way we can prevent this from happening would be that if you're ziptied or were ziptied within a few minutes you do not drop anything except 2 random illegals. No fridges would drop, nothing that isnt muggable would drop. After all IRL, if you're mugging somebody and they dont comply and you kill them you can search their body. Just a thought.
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New Member
Jan 4, 2019
Seems like an interesting idea to prevent muggings being too severe. But it's not really explained super well. How would this be implemented, what about people who are ziptied and not being mugged, etc. Just maybe expand on some ideas a little bit more :)
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