Mute appeal

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Monolith Rookie
Jul 1, 2020
Your full Discord Name:Alphadef#4240

Which Staff muted you:Automatic
What were you muted for:Using the word fuck, im assuming

Unmute Reason:I was not aware there was a hard rule against swearing, as I didn't remember seeing one in the rules list, but in hindsight I should have realized swears aren't allowed in ooc in game and should have realized they might be a problem in the server.

Time of Occurrence: Around 5:03 pm est today
Additional members involved/witnessing:Stuvi
Read, understood and followed mute appeal rules?:Yes

Full context, after the attached conversation picture I out of habit responded with "Oh fuck"

If automutes have a limited time im fine to wait it out, but I couldn't figure out if they did


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Community Manager
Community Manager
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Report Management
MRP Recruitment Team
Dec 3, 2016
You were automatically muted. Accepted.
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