My ban appeal for logging while cuffed

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Silver Stars

New Member
Feb 9, 2020
Steam Name: S̷i̵l̷v̶e̷r̵ ̵S̵t̷a̷r
Your SteamID:STEAM_1:0:60679882
Your Character Name: Forgot

Ban Length: Unspecified
Banning Staff Member (Automatic Ban)

Ban Reason: logging while cuffed
Unban Reason:
It is my first time back on the server for a while, and so when I came on, I decided to rp as a medic for a bit. I was following the road laws until a cop came and rammed into the back of me. They said nothing, so I continued on my way. I then saw them following me for quite a while. I waited for a few minutes since they didn't say anything, so continued on my way. I then was rammed by multiple police cars told to step out and then arrested for "ramming" a police officer. I kept on telling them that I did nothing wrong and that I was following the rules. but they just decided to cuff me and then tell me that they didnt care and that they were seizing my inventory. I was taken all the way back to the police station, told I was being arrested and I found out that my mic wasn't working. I told them I was gonna log off because they weren't rping properly and were metagaming somewhat. I then tried to rejoin with my mic fixed to find that I was automatically banned for logging off during being cuffed. I find this extremely unfair and request that I am given another chance, since I had no idea logging while cuffed would cause an automatic ban.

Time of Occurrence: 3.34PM GBT
Additional members involved/witnessing: two cops (don't know their names)
Read, understood and followed ban appeal rules?:


MRP Moderator
MRP Moderator
Jun 26, 2019
Bruh City
@Silver Stars
Your ban appeal is DENIED
You can not appeal automatic bans without evidence
Note: Next time make a report instead of leaving
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