My Journey (sorry i keep posting stuff on general)

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Dec 4, 2017
My Journey So Far

So I wanted to take this time to share my journey so far across monolith since its been a year since I joined this community. So where it all started was I joined the server originally looking for a server to play on since the pervious server I was on got closed. I logged in wondering what to do and I explored the map a little on Rockford, it took me some time to figure out what I wanted to do, and I wanted to be a cop, so I asked in OOC wondering how to get my player level up and I asked other players as I passed by and I stumbled upon @Tyler. Tyler was a mentor at this time and he was kind enough to give me a ride to the supermarket and had me buy a pickaxe so I could mine for my levels. After that happened I got my level to a police cadet and grinded it until I was able to become sergeant, At first I wasn't really committed to playing the server so I was a slight minge at the time acting like I was 5 years old. And I eventually got banned for it, but anyways I quit until I was a sergeant and then I played once again and tried to roleplay as a criminal. I looked for organizations to join and I ended up meeting @TomCruise also know as Sam O'Nella, He invited me to Axe Gang and I got to meet several people like @Blaze @Jar Of Mayonnaise @imaspy14 @Makhi Freeman @Jimmy Veira @Aceshooter @Calastrophe And some others. I was in the organization for a little until I left it because Sam was inactive. I ended up joining the Partizani and met @Space Cowboy the owner. I ended up also meeting some Century Street Mafia members such as @Horrendous Gaming @reactskate @Nakeys @Ultera and some others. After that during the Partizani I heard that some things happened to Century Street and they ended up breaking up into a organization called The Black Widows with some other Backwood Rebels members such as @MRC and @WaTer_MeLoN and some others. Partizani and Black Widows went against Poison and Toxic which had some other Century Street Members and Backwoods since they all split up. During that time period I decided to quit for a month and rejoined and I saw that Axe Gang was active once again and the Black Widows split up and joined Poison and Toxic. I joined Axe Gang and they had a strong war with Poison and Toxic. That by far was one of the best wars I took part in even though I was still a annoying little 5 year old that had no skill. As that war went on another org called Trapstar rose and made a alliance with Axe Gang we all fought in the war together and trapstars eventually died and became Shadow with @Karma leading it as a former trapstar member. The war eventually ended and Posion and Toxic declared a Neutrality with us and we based for a little while. I was eventually kicked from Axe Gang for a reason I don't remember and I made my Own organization called Flame, it was a very bad organization that I put no work into and invited poor people. I don't have much to say about it but then eventually there was a organization called Russian Bratva that rised and declared war on a lot of organizations and at the time Posion and Toxic disbanded and was all split up into three org's, Legacy, Explicit, and Veira Family. Once I felt like my org was irrelevant I ended up joining The Veira Family. Meeting @Alex Veira and @Jack Everadon officially. I had some of the most fun I ever had in the server when I was in Veira family, eventually we dominated the city and Alex quit the server for various reasons. Jack Everadon was given leadership and he promoted and demoted some people and granted me Co-Leadership since I followed the rules of the org. Me and Jack had some fun times against organization's like Black Knights, Bakers Dozen, and The Rockford Army. We were all in war with each other and took lots of weapons from them. At the time Justin Sinclair started playing again and was orgless until he created The Sinclair's Estate. The Veira Family was allied with them until we all Split up into BBC then The Informal's. I had some fun time in this period until I was kicked from the Informal's and I made my own org called The Young Threats. It was a pretty bad org and had some players in it like @Makhi Freeman and Finley Richards. We had some fun time until I joined the Monster Family, I had some fun in it as well but later I quit the server once again. I later rejoined about 4 months later and joined The Sixths and met up with some old friends.

You may know me by
Jackson John
Benji Diamond
Benji Veira
Benjamin Young
Benjamin Livingston ( Current )
Benjamin Brown
Alex Monster

I hope you enjoy this and please share your Journey with me thanks

- Pokemon

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Jul 15, 2018
I was a miner in rockford for like 2 weeks and sometimes we would rob the gas station with @rxsm , we were still pistol bandits at the time and then Paralake came around and I met some cool people like @thtgeekydude @Bob King @Jimmy Bolf @Kevin Gs9 guy dont know what happened to them and then I got banned for 2 months xd.