New Zealand Earth Quakes

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Monolith Senior
Jun 24, 2017
New Zealand
So as of recently (Yesterday from the date of this post) I and others in New Zealand experienced a number of earthquakes off the west coast of the north island. As if 2020 couldn't get anymore fun this just adds to the shit show that this year had been so far.

I live not far from the epicenter of these earth quakes, a little more inland though. Earth quakes in NZ are not a rarity and often happen multiples times during the month but this cluster is more special than the odd singular one. If I could describe the feeling of the first big one Id say it was more of a violent rattle which funny enough was large enough for my hot morning coffee on my desk to spill over onto my desk.

If anyone has an interest the has reports and more info.

Fun fact from this cluster: Since the first one yesterday there has been 147 aftershocks!

I love 2020


Monolith Grinder
Sep 23, 2019
2020 is the Charlie sheen of years


Monolith Pleb
Jul 30, 2017
Colorado, United States of America
I mean, if you disregard the bad 2020 is a solid year, but if you really think about it what did you expect, every year has been slowly getting worse in a lot of ways and this is the cherry on the cake. Just try to not look at the bad and everything seems fine. I mean most of us get to play Monolith more now so that’s a plus.