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Officer Nick Kopek Abusing Officer Position

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Oct 16, 2018
Your Steam Name: White Skeleton
Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:22329608
Your Character Name: Nero White

Target Steam Name: N/A
Target SteamID: N/A
Target Character Name (if known): Nick Kopek

Request reason: Police Abuse
When did the situation occur?: Around 3 or 4 am Central this morning
Your evidence to support your claim:




To explain the evidence above, I had been pulled over at my house for "rolling through a stop sign" by Officer Kopek. He gave me a $500 ticket, which I paid. He says on the radio in the video that I called him a retard or asshole, which I did not. When he pulled me over, he demanded that I get out of the car. I asked why, and said I could just hand my ID through the window, which I did. When I said this, he said "Holy shit okay I'm just gonna do this" and gave me the $500 ticket. About 5 minutes later, I get a message from Chad saying I'm going to get fucked by the police force, as Officer Kopek is asking other police officers to come "fuck with me" by giving false tickets and raiding my property. Very shortly after, Officer Kopek shows back up with EIGHT squad cars that all pulled into my driveway, all refusing to leave even after being told they were trespassing and not welcome.

To clarify, in the video Chad says it was the Chief; the Chief had nothing to do with it. Chad mistook the Officer Kopek for the Chief.

Additional members involved/witnessing: Chad McApple
Oct 16, 2018
I never told him "fuck you pig" or called him an asshole, but I don't have video proof of that interaction. Either way, I think it is an abuse of power to tell other police to "pull him over for bullshit and ticket him" and bring 8 units to my house, where I was only legally farming.


Monolith Pleb
Jul 25, 2018
Result: Player report denied.

Conclusion: I feel this evidence is insufficient to prove he was telling cops to mess with you. He said "If you want". Seems too much like grasping at straws for a punishment to me.
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