[OFFICIAL] Guide for Discord permissions

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Feb 12, 2017
UPDATED 28/07/2018

Our Discord is the main source of communication within the server. You may follow this guide to get started with our Discord, but make sure to read everything!
In order to receive your Discord roles, you have to type "/discordauth" ingame, this will open up the following window in Discord. Just press the "Authorize" button. All you have to do is wait for our Server to authorize you, this can take some time, so be patient! If authorization was successful it will give you a message in Discord, if not it'll let you know ingame.

You did it, you are now a proud member of our Discord with permissions, in my case premium, because I'm a premium member ingame too.

If you buy Premium after this process your rank will automaticly be added!

EDIT 28.07.2018: If you are unable to follow the steps now, with the extra added highlighting, then you should visit a doctor as soon as possible.
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