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[OFFICIAL] Mining Guide


New Member
Jul 15, 2017

One of the many skills in Monolith is mining. Minig is a very usefull skin to learn, the reason for this is that with the combination of the metal working skill, ores can be melted into ingots and can be used to craft a huge variety of different items such as, but not limited to ammo and weapons. If that isn't enough for you; the ores also sell for a decent prices to the vendors.

To start mining you first need a pickaxe.
You can purchase one of the tools cashier located in the supermarket for a (small) price of $590.

Ores only spawn in what players have named the mine, this area can be found in the west of the map.
To make it simple for you I made a map with the route to this area. (click it for fullsize)

As with all kinds of resource gathering, you need a certain level in order to mine a certain type of ore.
The types of ores and levels are as follows:
Stone - Level 1
Copper - Level 6
Coal - Level 15
Iron - Level 24
Silver - Level 48
Gold - Level 62
Titanium - Level 75
The level that you require will be displayed on the ore itself. To mine the ore, simply walk up to it and press your left mouse button/primary attack.

The amount of XP (mining xp) you earn depends on the level the ore is, the equation is the same as all types of crafting/resource gathering.

xp earned = 25 + math.floor( skilllevelrequired * 0.8 )
Replace "skilllevelrequired" with the level that you need in order to mine it.
To keep is simple and short:
25 + math.floor(1 * 0.8) = 25 xp -- Stone ore
25 + math.floor(6 * 0.8) = 29 xp  -- Copper ore
25 + math.floor(15 * 0.8) = 37 xp -- Coal ore
25 + math.floor(24 * 0.8) = 44 xp -- Iron ore
25 + math.floor(48 * 0.8) = 63 xp -- Silver ore
25 + math.floor(62 * 0.8) = 74 xp -- Gold ore
25 + math.floor(75 * 0.8) = 85 xp -- Titanium ore
(math.floor just rounds the number down.)

As with all the skills, it will take so time to level this skill up, so being patient is the key here. If you want to see what level you are or how much XP is left then press C, press Applications and select skills (click here for a more indepth guide).

Now that we got all that out of the way, lets talk money. You can sell ores to the same person you bought your pickaxe from. (tools cashier located in the supermarket)

Its important to note that coals sells for a higher price than iron even though iron requires a higher level to mine than coal. If you want to earn XP you should mine Iron as that will give you more XP, but if you're trying to make a quick profit then coal is where the money is at. Ofcourse when you reach level 48 and unlock silver this becomes irrelevant as silver will give you more XP and sells for more than both coal and iron.

Below you can find a list to see how much one ore is worth:
Stone = $1
Copper = $2
Coal = $8
Iron = $4
Silver = $12
Gold = $24
Titanium = $48
Definitly consider upgrading your metal working skill so you can smelt your ores into bars (ingots) as these will sell for a higher price and are the base for a lot crafting recipes. More information about this can be found here (coming soon).

These are all the basics you need to know in order to start mining.
Hopefully you learned something with this guide. If you have any questions or found a mistake in the guide let me know and I will fix it asap.


Jul 2, 2017
Hong Kong
Nice Guide :)


New Member
Jul 15, 2017


Monolith Grinder
Apr 6, 2017
Greater Manchester, United Kingdom
Congratulations pal and thank you. We've made this an official guide!


Senior Member
Jul 15, 2018
Great guides dude. Could've used this back in early days.
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