Official Statement - Content Whitelist

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Monolith God
Dec 10, 2016
Hello everyone,

throughout the past few months the topic "Police Whitelist" has been digged up multiple times after we've tried burying it each time. Now, once and for all this will be a official statement regarding our stance on a police (and generally any content) whitelist on MonolithRP.


We are trying to achieve the best role-playing experience on our server that is possible. The feedback you give us is important to us - and while it seems like we are not: we're listening to what you say. Not every suggestion or all feedback can be considered, since we have our own plans and visions for Monolith, but we can build upon yours and expand on it.

Our vision and original plan with Monolith is to create a unique server that is open and available for everybody from the get-go. That means: No whitelisting process, no pre-registration, no pay-walls. Just join and enjoy. The general topic of a "Server Whitelist" has already been addressed in a previous statement one year ago here.

We have started talks and accepted your feedback regarding a police whitelist in the past and were determined to create such a system. After we had drawn out some plans and designs, the management and development team of Monolith has come together and discuss the whole whitelisting topic again and came to a conclusion: Monolith was built to be open and accessible for everyone and we want to keep it that way. That includes: not locking content behind whitelists.
If you're interested, you can view the associated Trello card here: Police Whitelist

While we agree that a whitelist might be beneficial in some terms, it puts us back heavily in other aspects. We get players frustration with FailRP or mingy Cops, and a whitelist can help us with this, but a whitelist needs constant maintenance that we can not provide. Dedicated players would be required to 24/7 monitor police activity, fire and hire new ones - and that is a risk we are not willing to take.

A lot of players are on our server and enjoy our content because you don't have to do anything but follow our rules. You can be and do whatever you want - whenever you want. If we would suddenly lock the whole PD (except one rank as Cadet) players would get frustrated and either quit or never take the chance to be a police officer again. This is not something we want.


As a open server, locking content behind bars is wrong in our opinion and not part of our vision for Monolith. We will therefore not whitelist the PD at this time and form you've all been waiting for. We will think about other ways to improve police RP on our server. In the meantime, if you set a good example for cadets and other officers, these will learn and adapt from you.

Thank you for your understanding.
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