EVENT Oil Extraction

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Apr 11, 2019
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Oil Extraction:
An oil rig located in the Granite Bay upon Monoford has been taken over by an unknown terrorist organization. They are threatening to dump oil into the ocean, and Monoford calls upon their citizens to put a stop to it. The citizens upon Monoford will have to join forces in a desperate attempt to disperse of the threat before they dump the oil into the ocean, and cause tons of damage to it’s oceans. Civilians will be provided with boats, guns, and ammunition to fight these terrorists, and save our oceans.

When is it?
Oil Extraction will take place on Saturday, July 25 at 4 PM EST (Chronus Countdown)

  • You can't kill your teammates, if caught shooting at teammates you will be punished accordingly.
  • Only the people that actively participate/ press the buttons to stop the oil from spilling into the ocean will be issued a reward. The people that die during this event will not be issued a reward.
  • You're able to have as many lives as you want but you will not be let into the event if the oil has been stopped from spilling into the ocean.
  • Other rules may be added/removed but you will be told during the event.
Who will be issued the prize?
Prizes will only be distributed to the players that push one of the three buttons, thus meaning there will be three winners. You will not receive a prize if you did not push the button.

On behalf of the event team, we are super excited about this event and hope to see you there. Good luck!


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Aug 16, 2019
I'm sensing US Marines nearby.
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