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Monolith Rookie
Sep 1, 2017

Hey Monolith! Not much to say, this is a small org and the purpose is just to enjoy the server once against. The plan is to do a couple of activities but not the basic 24/7 farming type of org. This Club is made of people who already have or had money and are just down to do fun stuff like hostage situation, raid etc.. This club is not looking for quantity but for quality.


- Cédric
- Xing

How to join :
- Msg me or other members in the game or on steam - https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198134782878
and we will judge your skill by doing stuff with you,
Just keep in mind, you need to be heavily armed but
besides that, we don't care about the amount of
money and weapons you have in bank.
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