Outlands Race [Server Event]

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What car do you want to drive in the event?

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Monolith Grinder
Dec 23, 2016
The Netherlands, Limburg

Today at 7PM BST (http://a.chronus.eu/1875F18) we will host a racing event.
This race will start at the farm, go around suburbs, through the outlands area and back to the farm (Look at image above).
You will have to race through this for 3 laps and often dodge obstacles or avoid... other obstacles.
We will do multiple rounds depending on the circumstances.

1st place:
25 000

2nd place:
15 000

3d place:
10 000

Because we don't want people to drive bad cars, you can vote which car you think is best for this event! If you have more suggestions put them below.
Vote up!

Please do not interfere with the event, if you do you will be banned for 1 day.
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