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Paralake Locations [GUIDE] [WIP]


Monolith Addict
Jul 16, 2017
The hospital is located near the intersection of highway that connects the police department to the inner-city of paralake.

Rooms: Surgical Room, Lounge, Ambulance Valet, Recovery Room, Job Recruitment.

Surgical Room; The surgical room is used to save criticaly injured patients. This is a hotspot for all EMS.

Ambulance Valet; Here all EMS recieve their very own ambulance! Try not to run innocent people over!

Lounge; The lounge is where all people are allowed to come and wait for their medical attention, thanks health care!

Recovery Room; For the most part patients that have recently been revived will come here to settle in and heal their flesh wounds of all sizes!

Job Recruitment; If you are looking to help paralake out with the injured this is the place to be! Paralake Hospital.

Paralake Police Department
The paralake police department is where, well you go to become a government offical at, the PD can be found right across the street from Town Hall!

Rooms; Lounge, Jail Cells, Armoury, Car Valet.

Lounge/Job Recruitment; Here you can speak with the job recruitment NPC to become an government offical, there is also a governmental bounty board that other officers can claim benefits from if there are active bounties on criminals.

Jail Cells; This is where police spend most of their time, booking criminals for lengthy (or short) jail sentences.

Armoury; Police come here to get supplies such as weapons, tactical equipment, kevlar, ammo, etc.

Car Valet; All police (except cadets) can come to this NPC to spawn in vehicles. Each ranking PD offical can use/spawn in differen't cars.

Any and all content in this guide is subject to change for the next week.

Paralake Fire Department
The Paralake Fire Department is home to the talented firefighters of Paralake, when you call 911 just know they came from here.

Rooms; Lounge, Garage, Car Valet.

Lounge; The lounge is home to the Fire Department recruitment NPC.

Garage & Valet; The garage contains the spawn points for Fire Trucks, and the Car Valet where you spawn you car at.

UPS Depot; The UPS depot is your go to place for a driving experience, here you are expected to deliver packages to specific parts of the map.
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Paralake is a very large and confusing map, good job on the guide!


Nov 15, 2017


MRP Moderator
MRP Moderator
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Event Team
Jul 7, 2018
Houston, TX
like you mentioned that Police Cadets cannot spawn police cars, you should add that all EMS except Medic Interns can spawn an ambulance


New Member
Jul 27, 2018
Good work with this guide! It’s really hard to find certain callouts (when responding to 911 calls) since there’s a ton of locations.
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