UPDATE Patch Update 2.0.12 - Return of Winterford

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Monolith Expert
Dec 3, 2016
Liverpool, United Kingdom

UPDATE 2.0.12

NOTE: Not all changes have been documented.

List of changes
  • We return to Monoford
    • Sunset Monoford, with snow!​
  • Added first implementation of the Mailbox system
    • This is mainly a frst draft, so there's some missing functionality which we will be amending in future releases​
    • This includes adding the Mono-Market to the Phone, so you can order items to your home​
    • You can currently speak to the Eagle Post Coordinator and send items to players. There's a Mailbox Locker in Town Hall to retrieve your items. Or, if your property has a Mailbox, you can pick up your items there​
    • It takes up to 10 minutes for your items to be delivered, or if an Eagle Post Delivery Driver delivers your items faster, then you'll get it faster​
  • Rewritten and optimized Cosmetic system
    • Up to 60% faster cosmetic system rendering code
    • Eliminated edge cases where player cosmetics would be invisible to other players
    • Eliminated edge cases where player cosmetics would unparent from the player and float in the air
  • Re-imagined HUD with a minimal yet nostalgic style
    • HUD elements will only show when required
      • If your health, armor, hunger or thirst changes, it'll be visible on your HUD for 10 seconds
      • If your health, armor, hunger or thirst is below a certain threshold, it'll flash red and be visible at all times
    • Radio icon is moved to the bottom right of your screen
    • Re-introduced the GPS Radar, it's found at the Appliance Vendor and is required to show your minimap
  • Xmas mode enabled
    • Including special cosmetics and cosmetic effects
    • Christmas Trees for your home; where Santa will deliver gifts to you on occasion
    • Twelve Days of Christmas Advent Calendar
  • Mining System V2
    • We have phased out the Factory Crusher, as well as all types of Chunks. Keep them, we'll let you smelt them down soon
      • You can sell the Factory Crusher back to the Vendor for a full 100% rebate
    • New Assets for Ores, and Mining Nodes
    • New particle effects when hitting nodes, or when nodes refresh
    • New Pickaxe asset.
    • New Mining Furnace, which takes two of any ore, and 1 coal to produce an ingot
  • Mono-Phone improvements
    • Added City app to show budgets, tax rates, participate in elections, and pay off your tickets without needing to go to the NPC
  • Added Container sounds to Vehicle Trunks and Glove Boxes