UPDATE Patch Update 2.0.15 - Release Changelog

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MRP Administrator
MRP Administrator
Jun 13, 2017

UPDATE 2.0.15

NOTE: Not all changes have been documented. As we continue to push out fixes If you find any additional issues regarding the map please head on over and create an issue on the GitHub

List of changes
  • Redesigned notification UI, it’s smaller, takes up less space, and is less prone to overlapping notifications.
  • Added Craftable Kevlar
  • Added dedicated Whitetail Ranger job instead of re-using Pine County Deputy
  • Added the ability for Whitetail Rangers to retrieve AR-15s from the Locker
  • Added navigation to "Tutorial" quest to the nearest bank Teller when depositing cash
  • Added navigation to "First Job" quest to the Paramedic Recruiter
  • Added ACOG attachment to AR-15 in Loadouts
  • Increased payout for Bus Driver routes
  • Increased XP and Cash rewards from quests in general (This includes Police, Medic and Fire quests)
  • Removed level requirement for quest "Hit The Road"
  • Reduced player speed by 50% while dragging a body
  • Reduced the amount of damage ragdolls take from crush/blunt force trauma
  • Reduced the intro screen transitions on Riverden
  • Reduced requirements for Mining and Woodcutting quest (32 collected Stone/wood to 16)
  • Fixed being able to crush bodies
  • Fixed quest "Homely Compromises"
  • Fixed Aston Valley transformer for power generation - meaning your Factory equipment will now be at 100% output.
  • Water Bottle changed from +15 Thirst to +30 Thirst
  • Fishing quest now shows required number of Fish in quest display
  • Re-purchasing underglow is now free
  • Variety of locale fixes and modifications