UPDATE Patch Update 2.0.20 - Release Changelog

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Monolith Expert
Dec 3, 2016
Liverpool, United Kingdom

UPDATE 2.0.20

NOTE: All changes are not documented.

Patch 2.0.20 will be live on the 6th of April.

List of changes

  • Fixed not being able to deploy the Wheelchair or Tricycle (vehicles without engines)
  • Made some attempts to fixd vehicle stat persistence (fuel, health) - so when you repair your vehicle, it will now save properly
  • Removed 10% and 25% Repair Kit - we now only have one type of Vehicle Repair Kit - which repairs your vehicle fully. We also slashed the price down by half
  • Separated Electric Vehicles out into their own Category in the Store
  • Added alternate garage spawnpoints for smaller vehicles like the Tricycle & Wheelchair
  • Fixed issues with toggling engines on vehicles that did not have engines
  • Re-implemented Cargo Ship Heist
  • Re-implemented Pine Country Deputy, removed Ranger
  • Added cooldown for locking a door after it had been lockpicked recently
  • Deprecate MP5 30Rnd magazine - MP5 now has a default mag size of 30.
  • Fixed some issues with the Mono-Phone not initializing when you take it out while in a car