UPDATE Patch Update 2.0.21 - Release Changelog

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Monolith Expert
Dec 3, 2016
Liverpool, United Kingdom

UPDATE 2.0.21

NOTE: All changes are not documented.

Update 2.0.21 will be live on the 30th of April.

List of changes

  • Fixed Mono-Phone stomping certain UI elements from being accessed.
    • Namely, the Chatbox
  • Show Vehicle Trunk items in the Vehicle Garage menu.
  • Given Pine County Deputy access to the AR-15.
  • Garage Repair system will repair a player's vehicle to max, and remove damaged parts.
  • Introduced "Always Show HUD" setting which will make the HUD no longer fade out when information is useless.
  • Updated French locale.
  • Fixed MonoSuite chat messages not appearing in the game console.
  • Adjusted jewelry store positioning to fix headglitching issues.
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