UPDATE Patch Update 2.0.3 - Spookfest Release Changelog

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MRP Administrator
MRP Administrator
Jun 13, 2017

UPDATE 2.0.3

NOTE: Not all changes have been documented.

List of changes
  • Spookfest has been enabled and map has been switched to Southside
  • Added new event currency "Candycorn"
  • Added new tooltip for Spookfest related items
  • Added the ability to see the officer who warranted a player in Police Database
  • Added a new drug dealer location on Southside
  • Added Kerosene to the Illegal Vendor to replace power plant barrels
  • Added 2 new weapon blueprints to the Cargo Ship
  • Added the ability to open the MonoPhone in vehicles
  • Added 3 new cosmetic hats with effects for Spookfest
  • Reduced Turkey and Lobster recipe times
  • Reduced XM8 damage from 36 to 34
  • Reduced HK416 damage from 36 to 34
  • Fixed exploit surrounding MP7
  • Fixed being able to shorten gambling blacklist unintentionally
  • Fixed several map locations on Southside being incorrect
  • Fixed several incorrect mining and woodcutting nodes on Southside
  • Fixed several props on Southside being able to be moved and abused
  • Fixed selling distance being too short in certain situations for NPC's
  • Fixed police spawned detective vehicles not having access to police functions
  • Fixed players spawning in the middle of the road near Jewelry Store on Southside
  • Fixed rainbow fish icon not showing up in the inventory
  • Fixed being able to rent a property after just entering combat in the last 5 minutes
  • Fixed several gamemode exploits
  • Fixed locale issues
  • Removed Siphon Pumps and Power Plant Barrels
  • Removed several debug prints

  • Completely overhauled Fishing rod to include all new baits, trash and reduced fishing times
  • Revamped all heist rewards from Jewelry Store and Cargo Ship
  • Spawn points are now grouped and sorted by level
  • Section and Item icons are now rounded
  • /ad is now funded by the player's bank and shows up as a MonoPhone transaction
  • Illegal sales vendor is no longer taxed
  • CK Gas Grenade now has increase damage and a increased chance of knocking players out
  • Benzilate is now stackable up to 5