UPDATE Patch Update 2.0.7 - Release Changelog

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Monolith Expert
Dec 3, 2016
Liverpool, United Kingdom

UPDATE 2.0.7

NOTE: Not all changes have been documented.

List of changes
  • Added Mono-Pages app on MonoPhone
    • You can create listings with tags to advertise your goods and services to players. Your character's name and phone number are shown publicly if you have a listing, and players can text and call you from there.
    • We will be expanding this app in the future, for example tagging locations and showing them in your mini-map.
  • Some entities are now only physgunnable by staff members
  • You can now cook Mahimahi
  • Severely reduced gas mask filter degradation
    • We will be observing this change and making adjustments in subsequent patches.
  • Fixed instance of Police Captain being referred to as the Assistant Chief.
  • Increased Lockpick lifetime by 50%.
  • Re-allowed players to freeze the Factory Crusher.
  • Adjusted MR96 fire-rate.