Phoenix Company

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Monolith Newcomer
May 20, 2018
Phoenix Company is a small paramilitary organization. Phoenix Company consists of ex-war veterans, ex-cops, and ex-criminals. We specialize in many different things such as security, bodyguard work, surveillance, and more. The men in Phoenix Company served in the local Rockford Police force, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

About Our Organization: We are not looking for highly trained men nor are we looking for rich. We are looking for those who are eligible and those who wish to join our ranks. We will not carry out any contracts of any sort of people that we like and or our allies and if we are asked to do so you will be met with something far more worse than death. No one will stand in our way and we are determined to become one of the best. We wish to ensure everyone's future security in the city.

$500,000 Net
A good mic
20+ Firearms
Any car will do

Allied: S.O.M

Past Wars:
Russian Bratva

Apply to join our Organization:
In-game name:
Steam name:
Steam profile link:
What can you offer?
When did you come to the city?
What job would you prefer?
Any past Organizations?
Your Character Background (ex-cop, ex-military, etc):
Screenshot of your Bank:
What position would you like? Worker or Solider:

Jack Shepherd
Michael Westen
-2nd Lt-
John Howitzer
John Will
Tank Wholigus
Sebastion Cabrero
Matthew Teknix
-Head Foreman-
-Worker- (Gunsmith, Miners, etc)
Terms: Once in the organization you guarantee to uphold what is asked of you. Under any circumstance you may not turn your back on the company in anyway. Deserting the company will result in you being hunted down like a dog. If you want to leave just ask to leave. Putting anyone over your own will result in punishment to the highest degree.

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Tony Ravioli

Monolith Rookie
Aug 5, 2017
Good luck