FEEDBACK Placement of Trees, Woodcutting

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New Member
Oct 28, 2019
It seems that there is not a single willow tree to be found on the new map. Thus it is impossible to farm that specific wood.

Whilst the new woodcutting place near the village is great to have, I think it should either get some willow trees (and 1 additional maple trees as having only 1 tree of a kind can lead to chokepoints if several people are cutting trees at once). The old map had quite a few trees (probably a few too many) but with just one or in case of the willow 0 trees. Woodcutting is quite inpractical.

As an alternative it could be intersting to sprea those trees out. There could be some added to the layer 2 lake or the layer 1 river probably even the park). This way it would promote traffic as well as implement a sorta scavanger hunt similar to the fishing cluster. Where people could share their prefered woodcutting spots each could have its benefits and flaws.

I could be wrong here but ive been searching and asking for the willows or a further maple tree quite a bit and it seems the ones at the woodcutting place are the only one.
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