UPDATE Platform Update 1.10.0 - Release Changelog

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Lead Developer
MRP Administrator
Jun 13, 2017

UPDATE 1.10.0

IMPORTANT NOTICE: With this update, we have made significant changes to how Crews/Orgnaizations are stored - because of this, we've had to wipe existing Crews and their information. This is a necessary evil, and because of it, org creation will be free for the next 30 days.

NOTE: Not all changes have been documented. This update will be be deployed to the US server. Partners will receive this update at a later date.

List of changes
  • Added MonoCoins Store
  • Added overhauled organization system ( Upgrades, Ranks, Roles, Announcements )
  • Added HL2RP voice lines to the Metrocop Helmet when equipped
  • Added Bodygroup editor and Vehicle Bodygroup editor for police jobs
  • Added when the mayor adjusts the budget it announces to all government officials
  • Added Party System ( This will be greatly integrated into the gamemode in the next coming updates )
  • Added new Monoford Police Department Models
  • Added Metal Detectors to the prison
  • Added License plates to vehicles inside the garage
  • Added country flags on the scoreboard for players
  • Overhauled Weapon Switcher when swapping weapons
  • Overhauled Skills Menu with Job Progress and Skill Progress
  • Overhauled Car Inspection UI in the garage with more detailed information about the vehicle
  • Modified Renting to be done inside the Mono-Tablet via the Property app instead of the NPC
  • Modified Kerosene siphoning with new visuals/timers and now takes less durability per siphon
  • Fixed death loop when dying inside water
  • Fixed deployed entities count being incorrect in UI
  • Various bug fixes, improvements and optimizations across the entire gamemode