UPDATE Platform Update 1.3.4 - Release Changelog

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MRP Administrator
MRP Administrator
Jun 13, 2017

NOTE: Not all changes are documented. This update will be applied on each server's restart on March 24th.

List of changes
  • Power plant barrels now total online security + police. ( This requires around 10 to be online at one time )
  • Exotic/Unownable items are now hidden from the cosmetic store
  • Fixed certain attachments not assigning durability
  • Fixed being unable to unequip exotic hats
  • Fixed outdated map content
  • Added two new exotic hats
  • Added year to police computer arrest history
  • Added the ability to un-equip the santa hat during non-christmas events.
  • Added new hospital spawns ( You now spawn in the hospital of the layer you're at. )

Credits to @Rondell for the new update banner.