UPDATE Platform Update 1.4.3 - Release Changelog

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Lead Developer
MRP Administrator
Jun 13, 2017
UPDATE 1.4.3

NOTE: Not all changes are documented. This is a global platform update meaning this is deployed to Monolith partners as well. This update will be applied upon each server's restart.

List of changes
  • Added trunks to boats
  • Added callsign display board to the PD Locker Room
  • Added EoTech to the G36C attachment loadout
  • Added a fisherman supplier to Layer 2.
  • Added LSD Chemicals to a certain vendor. ( This removes the requirement of the power plant. )
  • Fixed MonoMarket deleting items upon order rejection
  • Fixed Sergeant II not being able to clamp/unclamp vehicles
  • Fixed Remove Attachment showing up even when attachments are not present
  • Fixed masks not disappearing after death
  • Fixed prisoners being able to access containers
  • Fixed a variety of exploits
  • Removed the requirement of a property for certain workbenches
  • Removed the M203 from the AR-15 loadout for police ( As its not supported. )
  • Variety of bug fixes and changes to siphon pumps/siphoning
  • Disabled IMessage and IMessage notifications for prisoners
  • Default prop health has been adjusted
  • Stabilized players will now die after the timer expires. ( Timer increased to 7 minutes. )
  • Saker Suppressors now require 10 copper bars
  • Damage adjustments to shooting downed players, You can now finish players off reliably without shooting them directly in the head
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