UPDATE Platform Update 1.7 - Release Changelog

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Lead Developer
MRP Administrator
Jun 13, 2017


NOTE: Not all changes are documented, This update will be deployed on all partner related servers at a later date.

List of changes
  • Added a complete visual overhaul of the Mono-Market ( This provides a updated user experience, to make it easier to use. )
  • Added a seatbelt warning system ( Vehicles now warn you if your seatbelt is not on. )
  • Added a keybind to search license plates in police vehicles
  • Added a !forums command
  • Added a security valet NPC to the Layer 2 bank
  • Added beginner mining nodes to the Tideview Park
  • Added the ability to access the department tablet while inside of a vehicle
  • Added the ability to open your inventory while inside of a vehicle
  • Added two new gamemode quests. ( Introduction into jobs, and vehicles/licenses )
  • Adjusted vehicle collision velocity ( Prevents car crashes from sending you to space )
  • Adjusted the Thriving Ventures intro screen
  • Adjusted cooking times for recipes across the board ( This is the first part of a multi-step process, this will be re-evaluated post update. )
  • Adjusted CK Gas Grenade recipe to cost less
  • Adjusted Gas Cans to only provide 25% of the vehicles total fuel ( They can also now be carried )
  • Fixed being able to heal police mission NPCs
  • Fixed an error related to assigning a ticket as a police officer
  • Fixed text being cut off and unreadable in stores
  • Variety of localization changes/fixes
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