UPDATE Platform Update 2.0.25 - Release Changelog

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Community Director
Community Director
Dec 3, 2016

UPDATE 2.0.25

Not all changes have been documented. This update will be deployed to the US and Partner servers.

List of changes:
  • Reduced player level required to become a Security Guard;
  • Fixed Mayor, Police Chief and Police Assistant Chiefs not being able to view firearm licenses requested beforehand;
  • Fixed fires not being created once the engine of a vehicle explodes;
  • Fixed several bugs;
  • Rewrote the Police trunks system;
  • Added a weapon to the Police trunks (only available for higher levels);
  • Added a button in "Quests" inventory tab, to direct players to our forums guides section;
  • Added new Police vests for the department;
  • Added missing entities to the NEW MAP;
  • Switched map from Rockford to the NEW MAP.

This update will be deployed on the next server restart.
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