UPDATE Platform Update 2.1 - Release Changelog

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Community Director
Community Director
Dec 3, 2016


Not all changes have been documented. This update will be deployed to the US and Partner servers.

List of changes:

Vehicles Overhaul:

  • Improved Mazda RX-8 performance
  • Improved Chevrolet Corvette 2009 performance
  • Improve 2014 Mclaren performance
  • Improve Ferrari La Ferrari
  • Improve 2009 Lamborghini Reventon Roadster performance
  • Improve Porsche Carrera GT performance
  • Improve 1985 Cadillac performance
  • Improve SWAT Bearcat performance
  • Improve Mazda Furai performance
  • Improve SRT handling
  • Add missing directory to script path

  • Added one new Farming quest
  • Added two new Cooking quests
  • Added one new Crafting quest
  • Added one new Mining quest
  • Added one new Woodcutting quest
  • Added levels to the quests
  • Overhauled the quests system
  • Fixed rewards not showing up at the top when finishing a quest
  • Fixed quests bugging out on next step
  • Adjust quest rewards

  • Added cutscenes for new players
  • Added cutscenes for when you buy specific items for the first time
  • Setup positions for the cutscenes

Prestige System:
  • Added the prestige system
  • Added two prestige levels
  • Added rewards for each level
  • Added permanent boosts for each level

Dark Web:
  • Setup four types of contracts
  • Setup properties associated with contracts
  • Setup robbery loot
  • Send alert to the Police when an alarm is triggered
  • Created dark web app for the monophone
  • Added Kuruma car to the gamemode
  • Added new Darkwebrep skill to the gamemode
  • Added new crate model for Darkweb

  • Added day and night cycle
  • Added new Police models
  • Added new Police slots
  • Added new Police weapons
  • Added new Police rank names
  • Added the ability to move with your hands up
  • Added jail lockpicks again
  • Added new UI for store NPCs
  • Added new nameplates system
  • Added the ability to toggle your radio by right clicking on the radio icon
  • Added notification for players that are performing a heist when there are not enough Police officers on duty
  • Added new skill XP multiplier
  • Removed Disk Jockey job
  • Removed career driver's license
  • Removed Department of Corrections radio
  • Changed the price of the standard driver's license
  • Display wallet in HUD if looking at relevant entities
  • Fixed blacklists not working
  • Fixed LSD freezer not working
  • Fixed car engine exploit
  • Fixed Radio Controller entity not working properly
  • Fixed localisation issues
  • Fixed bug with food truck driver
  • Fixed several exploits and bugs
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