Platform Update 5.5.3 - Release Changelog

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MRP Administrator
MRP Administrator
Jun 13, 2017

UPDATE 5.5.3

NOTE: This update will not be available until the 4th of September when the server automatically restarts. (All changes are not documented)

List of changes
  • Fixed mono-map legend not closing
  • Fixed ATM double registering inputs ( It has finally been slain. Hooray! )
  • John Doe has been added to the name filter
  • License plate punctuation check has been added
  • Fixed XP bar going backwards ( This bug has also been slain. Hooray! )
  • Zipties now changed to equipment and are drop on death.
  • Police computer is no longer case sensitive.
  • Scroll functionality has been added to Car Mod Shop
  • Player identity is now hidden in chat and actions when wearing a mask
  • Steel bars can now be crafted at Level 25 metalworking
  • Daily reward fixes